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About Viewtinet

Computer networks have been changing significantly in the last years. The environment is now multicloud, multivendor, multidevice, and multisite. The business depends on critical applications and you no longer own all the infrastructure where these are running. In fact, network managers are always in crisis mode since they do not have the appropriate tools to avoid the issues that are happening.


Viewtiful networks across the globe




Data sources and devices


Daily data ingestion


Traffic monitoring and control

Ingest any log, from any vendor, in any format. Understand and optimize your traffic

Avoid endless projects of data integration and normalization. Viewtinet’s license includes the integration of any IT/IoT data source. It can also analyze the IP traffic and optimize it.


Network KPIs

QoE Measurements

Packet Sniffer




Traffic Shaping / QoS

TCP Optimization

Single Front End

Multitenant Architecture

Advanced alarms

Easy to use

How can Viewtinet help me?

Thanks to its unique architecture and portfolio, there are several use cases where Viewtinet can help your organization.

Unified Observability: Single pane view for all the network devices, cloud, servers, etc. Collect any log, from any vendor, in any format, and provide advanced and proactive analytics. Be the first to detect an issue, decrease the MTTR, and reduce network operations complexity.

Network Monitoring: Viewtinet can ingest and analyze SNMP, NetFlow, WMI, ICMP, etc. It has a powerful alarms and notifications console. It can also connect with APIs to any cloud service. All this added to the network probe capabilities makes it the most complete tool for network performance monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting.

Log Management: Use Viewtinet as a Syslog collector, or any other type of log manager. Viewtinet can ingest any type of log. It uses big data architecture and the latest state of the art to provide a high-performance and scalable end-to-end solution. Viewtinet collects the data, processes it, stores it, and provides analytics.

SOC & NOC: Thanks to its multitenant architecture, Viewtinet is used in several MSPs to provide a live portal to end customers with powerful and interactive live dashboards. It can monitor the network, all devices, and servers. I can also collect any type of log. It also has a powerful alarms and notifications console.

IP Traffic Visibility and Performance: Viewtinet can analyze wire data. Its probe uses DPI to provide application recognition. It also provides all the network KPIs and QoE indicators. Monitor the performance of critical applications, and see the server response time, RTT, and data transfer time, among hundreds of other metrics.

Packet Sniffer: To benefit from forensic captures, the Viewtimon sniffer captures traffic 24×7, with a high retention rate. Create a PCAP file with transactions that happened days before.

VoIP Analysis: Putting together the probe, with tens of KQIs, with the Call Detail Records, Viewtinet provides a 360º visibility of the calls both at the log level and network level.

Traffic Shaping: Assure the performance of critical applications and limit unwanted ones. Allocate a minimum bandwidth or apply bandwidth limitations according to applications or subnets.

TCP optimization: Accelerate the TCP flows increasing significantly the quality of experience and the network performance. It only needs a one-end device so it can optimize the internet applications.

IoT Smart Analytics: Integrate all types of logs and metrics from any IoT device in any format. Viewtinet can integrate any type of log from any vendor. It also provides heat maps and many other visualization options to take the most out of the IoT ecosystem.

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