Log Data and Wire Data for a complete network visibility

Single Pane View

Multivendor interactive dashboards within a smart analytics easy to use tool. Integrate all the data from any data source. SNMP, NetFLow, Syslog, CDRs, WMI, API, XLM, CSV, etc.

Smart Data Broker

Integrate automatically any data source, from any vendor, in any format. Metrics, logs, events, health-check, etc. Forget about the development of data integrations, Viewtinet does it for your.

Carrier-Grade Data Base

Genuine real-time visibility. Improve the data retention. It can search millions of records per second optimizing the required  resources.

Multitenant Interface

Provide a customer portal for your end-customer showing the real-time KPIs. Create different dashboards for the different profiles of your organization.

Comply with GDPR

Make sure to be ready for the General Data Protection Regulation. Define the life-cycle of your data, the profiles that have rights to see them and audit who has accessed to wich records

IT Wire Data: DPI Probe

Detect applications and monitor them, measure QoE and network KPIs. Capture packets and generate PCAPs.

Log Data + Wire Data: Understand every dimension of your network

Viewtinet can correlate the information taken from the IT traffic with the insights given by the firewalls, switches, routers, APs, load balancers, servers, etc.

Easy deployment

Viewtinet covers the data integration, the database, the smart analytics and the DPI probe. Virtual installation in private cloud, public cloud or physical on-premises appliances.

Comply with GDPR.

Make sure to be ready for the General Data Protection Regulation.