About us

At Viewtinet we believe in the value of the data flowing in your company.

We want the network management tasks to be smart and intuitive. Relying on a multivendor integration, a unique data processing technology and a new generation application recognition based on machine learning, Viewtinet allows a quick, simple and visual access to all the relevant information providing KPIs and reporting of applications, users, devices and links on the network. On top of this, Viewtinet can correlate data from any system of the company.

I want…

  • I want predefined dashboards to easily see my network KPIs
  • I want automated alarms in case any indicator exceeds the thresholds I define
  • I want all the user information integrated with Active Directory / Radius / etc
  • I want to integrate and correlate all the logs of every system inside my company
  • I want the latest technology to detect encrypted applications on the fly
  • I want to optimize the WAN traffic

Why Viewtinet?


Unique correlation features and database management to reduce TCO.


Latest machine learning and artificial intelligence for predictive information and traffic recognition.


Motivation, dedication and talent to exceed customer expectations.


Confidence, deployment and local support assurance.


To simplify our customer’s lifes giving all the information data can give with a click.


Customer-oriented, direct vendor involvement in every project.