Viewtinet Appliances

Most of Viewtinet’s products can be deployed in private or public clouds. Viewtinet supports AWS, Azure, GCloud, and many more. However, many organizations prefer to deploy a dedicated appliance and count on full support from the vendor. Viewtinet can supply these appliances that are homologated to provide the best performance.

VN 500, 1000, 2000, & 10000 series

Modular high-performance appliances that support the installation of several products. They can process and store high volumes of data.

VN 100 Series

Low-end appliances designed to analyze branch traffic and act as itinerant active probes.

Quick, scalable, and
cost-effective deployment

Forget about long and costly deployments. Viewtinet products provide all the different elements to benefit from smart analytics, observability, and network control. The deployments can be physical with Viewtinet’s appliances or virtual both in a public or private cloud. Indeed, no third-party licenses are needed. The database is part of the Viewtisight product and the integration of every data source is included within Viewtilog. On the whole, you get wire data, log data, and traffic optimization all in one.


Viewtinet appliances provide several configuration options. In terms of network interfaces, each appliance can allocate several NICs to ingest or optimize several traffic interfaces. Regarding the storage, these appliances can hold multiple hard disk drives. The ard disk drives can be added through the frong panel, so it is quick and easy to upgrade any existing installation.

High Availability

These appliances are designed and configured to run on critical scenarios. Each appliance has hardware redundancy in terms of disks, power supply, memory cards, etc. However, they can also be deployed in high-availability configuration, with n+1 redundancy. In case Viewtinet is performing the QoS or Optimization features, a passive bypass is provided to avoid any point of failure to the  network.

Long life cycle certification
EoL & EoS

Viewtinet assures the maintenance and support for several years. Once an appliance has been declared EoS (end of sales), Viewtinet guarantees that the appliance will still have official support and maintenance for at least 3 years. In this case the appliance will be declared EoL.

This is the current status of Viewtinet Appliances:

  • VN-100: currently no EoS declared.
  • VN-500: currently no EoS declared.
  • VN-1000: currently no EoS declared.
  • VN-2000: currently no EoS declared.
  • VN-10000: currently no EoS declared.


Enjoy all the features with VN-SAC
(Smart Analytics & Control)

Viewtinet has all-in-one appliances that include all the product licenses. These appliances can monitor and optimize network traffic while providing observability of log data, and network monitoring. This approach is unique in its kind and allows mid-size companies to have QoS, observability, network monitoring, and traffic analysis with a significantly lower TCO.