CA Spectrum alternative

Join the companies that have selected Viewtinet as their preferred CA Spectrum alternative. Discover the new generation of network monitoring and logs analytics.

CA Spectrum alternative

Viewtinet product family brings a complete set of solutions to address network observability. Viewtinet can monitor devices (log data) and IP traffic (wire data). Monitor any device and integrate all its logs. Monitor with SNMP & ICMP, collect Netflow, Syslog, API, etc.

Wire Data

DPI engine with over 7000 protocols and applications recognition. Updated application library.

Monitor any device, integrate logs in any format, from any vendor

Viewtinet’s Visual Smart Data Broker integrates all type of data. You can add any specific MIB, but also connect with APIs, and collect other protocols like Netflow, Syslog, etc.

Network Observability

Complete view of all the devices and services. Correlate different data sources. Detect anomalies. Generate events and actions over alarms.

Real-time and Historical Analytics

Viewtinet appliances are able to perform real-time analytics. The capacity allows to keep long-range data for several years if required.

CA Spectrum alternative
cost-effective deployment

Forget about long and costly deployments. Viewtinet products provide all the different layers to benefit from end-to-end network monitoring and observability. Viewtinet’s appliances have been designed to provide optimal user experience. In fact, they can escalate vertically and horizontally for massive deployments. However, no third-party licenses are needed. To clarify, the database is part of the Viewtisight product, and the integration of every data source is included within Viewtilog. On the whole, you get wire data and log data all in one.

Network monitoring

Alternative to CA Spectrum
Easy to use

Viewtinet products have been designed with the vision of simplifying network operations. With the network monitoring plugin, you will enjoy out-of-the-box dashboards. Have a clear view of devices up, down, interfaces, top N, availability, CPU, memory, etc. Feel free to edit or create new ones with a few clicks, without typing queries. Create customized dashboards with all the specific KPIs per device. Monitor cloud infrastructure, SD-WAN, MS Teams, Office, etc.

DX Spectrum Alternative
advanced alarms and actions over alarms

Many clients have already switched from CA Spectrum to Viewtinet. In the first place, Viewtinet can integrate all the devices, with all the customized OIDs, services, and traps. In addition, Viewtinet can monitor all the new data ecosystems, call detail records, and network traffic. Moreover, the alarms console can generate real-time events, alarms based on queries, and composed alarms. At the same time, It can generate automated reports and it can perform actions over alarms to gain automation.

Alarm console for network monitoring

Network Monitoring
perpetual licensing

The products can be purchased independently. Viewtisight is the product that will always be needed. Then, depending on your needs, you may need Viewtilog, Viewtimon, or any combination of them.

Viewtilog license depends on the number of data sources and the volume of ingested data per day. As a rule, the license includes the integration of every log data from IT & IoT. Viewtimon depends on the throughput.  Additionally, there are also all-in-one products that cover all the different licenses.

SD-WAN monitoring analytics observability

End-to-end Monitoring and Log Analytics
SNMP, ICMP, Netflow, Syslog, WMI, API, etc.

Viewtinet has all-in-one appliances that include all the product licenses. These appliances can monitor and optimize network traffic while providing observability of log data, and network monitoring. This approach is unique in its kind and allows mid-size companies to have QoS, observability, network monitoring, and traffic analysis with a significantly lower TCO.