QoS Traffic Shaping IT Analytics

Viewtinet launches VN-1000-Smart Analytics & Control

I believe that it is difficult today to find the best vendor that matches the specific IT needs of an organization. There are several specialized vendors in each of the segments, but of course, the budget is never unlimited.  Certainly, one IT manager always wants to get the most recommended and best-positioned supplier to be backed up. However, the reality is that usually these technologies take advantage of their position and are far away from the budget.


At Viewtinet, we were thinking about the best way to help the companies with the different technologies that we provide, and how we could provide different solutions pretty much demanded. As a result, we developed the idea of providing most of our modules running together under the same appliance. This is how Viewtinet provides a packed IT observability and control platform, easy to deploy and with lower TCO.

QoS Traffic Shaping IT Analytics

Multiple functionalities, one single appliance


Viewtinet provides a very unique architecture. Its Smart Analytics tool, together with the smart data broker, provides a single interface for the entire Viewtinet ecosystem. As it happens, from the same GUI we will be able to manage all the log data, wire data, and to provide traffic control and optimization. Not only it is flexible and customizable to handle these different products but also very easy to use.


This device, the VN-1000-Smart Analytics and Control, includes the following features:

  • Log Data: integration and analytics of every IT data source. Includes SNMP, Netflow, Syslog, call detail records, etc.
  • Wire data: IP traffic analysis. Application recognition, network KPIs, QoE measurements, IP packet sniffer.
  • Traffic control and optimization: traffic shaping, QoS per application, subnet, etc.


Overall, Viewtinet is positioning a device that covers different technologies: network monitoring, analytics, IP probe, traffic sniffer, bandwidth management platforms, etc.  For this reason, it will significantly reduce operational costs, improve productivity, and reduce downtimes.

Network Observability with Viewtinet

Easy deployment, with passive bypass


The VN-1000-Smart Analytics and control are delivered with a passive bypass to avoid adding a pain point in the network. There are different versions of the platform to match the required number and types of interfaces.

The bypass is physically connected inline of the network. The VN-1000-SAC is connected both to the bypass (to analyze and control de traffic) and to the management network (to receive the logs and registers from the different IT actives of the network).

QoS IP Sniffer deployment



Many companies are avoiding the jump to IT observability due to its implementation costs. Other companies are searching for QoS vendors alternatives to substitute the end-of-life devices that are already in place (i.e. Packet Shaper). Many IT managers have also given up searching for affordable IP Sniffers. What Viewtinet is providing is a very unique platform that covers all these common needs, at a significantly lower TCO than acquiring these technologies separately.