Viewtinet Cloud

Viewtinet Cloud

Our cloud service provides a scalable and flexible solution for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to easily and efficiently manage their IT & IoT resources. With our cloud service, you can easily provision and scale resources to meet your changing needs, and only pay for what you use.

With our cloud service, you can easily collect, process, and analyze log data from multiple sources, including servers, applications, and network devices. Our service is fully customizable, so you can configure it to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Our cloud service includes advanced features for log data analysis, including powerful search capabilities, real-time alerts and notifications, and customizable dashboards and reports. With these features, you can quickly and easily identify issues, troubleshoot problems, and gain valuable insights into your IT infrastructure.

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Viewtinet Cloud

Our cloud service offers several benefits, including:

  1. Scalability: Our cloud service allows you to quickly scale up or down your resources as your observability needs change, ensuring you always have the resources you need without over-provisioning.
  2. Reliability: With our cloud service, you can enjoy reliable, high-performance computing resources that are designed to be always available.
  3. Security: Our cloud service is designed with security in mind, including features such as encryption, access controls, and regular security updates.
  4. Cost-effective: Our cloud service eliminates the need for costly hardware and infrastructure investments, allowing you to save on capital expenditures and pay only for what you use.
  5. Flexibility: With our cloud service, you have the flexibility to choose the resources you need, including storage, compute, and networking, and easily provision them on-demand.

Our cloud service is easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their IT operations and reduce costs.


Pricing, monthly subscription

Part Number Description Monthly Fee
VL-KPI-DEV-AAS Viewtilog monitoring KPIs per Device 9.00€
VL-LOG-1GB-AAS Viewtilog LOG monitoring per 1GB/day 1800.00€
VHW-8-CPU-AAS Viewtinet Cloud server, 8 vCPUs 155.02€
VHW-16G-RAM-AAS Viewtinet Cloud server, 16GB RAM 310.04€
VHW-1TB-STO-AAS Viewtinet Cloud server, 1TB Storage 402.50€
VM-DPI-100M-AAS Viewtimon monitoring 100 Mbps throughput 150€

Viewtinet cloud,
available products and licenses

Viewtinet can provide cloud deployment both for Viewtimon and Viewtilog.

Viewtilog can integrate any type of log data. In order to provide the cloud services, we only need to make sure that the devices are reachable by the cloud or that the devices can forward the logs towards it.

Viewtinet also provides the option of Viewtilog. For this, there are two option. You can place a probe inside the network and sent to the cloud only the metadata, or forward the entier traffic to the cloud.