Viewtinet Software products are uniquely engineered and positioned to allow enterprises to have detailed and real time information about all the aspects of the network. The key value of the technology is parallel processing massive data in real time from multiple sources with extreme high performance.

Although the existence of commonly used predefined dashboards, our customers enjoy the great flexibility that Viewtinet offers to benefit of own-made customized dashboards. Every company is different and Viewtinet adapts to each use case to take the most out of the data.

Data Analytics:


Real time monitoring, bandwidth usage, applications consumption, RTT, conversations, etc.

Automated Reports, receive daily in your inbox any configured report

Out-Of-The-Box Dashboards, easy deployment, collect the data from any source and start to enjoy

Easy and flexible interface, that simplifies the process to create customized reports and dashboards

Multivendor integration, connectors already implemented for most vendors.

Measure application performance, Quality of experience per application, employee, branch, etc.

Proactive alerting, with personalized thresholds.

Active Directory integration. Full visibility by user.

Match the network data with the business, adding data sources like CRM, ERP, etc.


– Multidimensional Drill – down capabilities by any available paramenter

This Smart Data powered by Viewtinet enables quicker decisions and greater business insights.

  • Optimize and troubleshoot your network
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Monetize your data
  • Predict service quality
  • Enable automation



Monitor the status of all the devices in your network. Create alarms to have a proactive management



The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018 and it brings in several requirements regarding how data may be retained. Viewtinet helps enterprises to accomplish these laws by providing to all its stored data the required encryption, the adequate visibility policies, organization flexible methods, exhaustive cataloging and covering all the information life cycle.



Corporations with multi-site locations (MPLS) looking for a centralized optimization solution:

  • Transparent TCP proxy: seamless walk-out of connections possible
  • Encrypted TCP traffic also accelerated

Improve performance over 100%:

Real examples of average speed increase with an internet-side delay between 30ms-80ms and download file size over 1MB