Network Observability & Optimization

What is Viewtinet?


Computer networks have been changing significantly in the last years. The environment is now multicloud, multivendor, multidevice, and multisite. The business depends on critical applications and you no longer own all the infrastructure where these are running. In fact, network managers are always in crisis mode since they do not have the appropriate tools to avoid the issues that are happening.


Viewtinet relies on the latest technology to offer your company a solution to understand and optimize your whole ecosystem. With Viewtinet you will be able to see everything that is happening in every device (log data), in the network (wire data), and also optimize the network performance. To keep things simple, all these features run under the same front-end (Viewtisight).

What kind of data can be analyzed?


Viewtinet can integrate two data ecosystems: Log Data and Wire Data.

Log Data covers any metric or log from any system. The product Viewtilog can integrate any type of data, from every vendor, in any format, within the IT, OT, and IoT ecosystem.

Wire data covers IP traffic information. Viewtinet has its own probe, called Viewtimon. IT can detect applications, measure network KPIs, and QoE indicators. It can also act as a traffic sniffer.


To have both log data + wire data capabilities we believe it is the best approach to have complete visibility and understanding of the network.

How can Viewtinet optimize the traffic?


Viewtinet integrates two mechanisms to optimize the performance of the network. In both cases, it consists of a transparent in-line deployment.

Viewtify QoS can apply QoS policies to the different flows, by application, subnet, IP, port, groups, etc. You can assure the performance of critical applications or limit unwanted ones.

Viewtify OPT uses TCP optimization mechanisms, without breaking the protocol. So it works with HTTPS and it can be used to optimize the Internet connectivity.


Application Recognition


Network KPIs


QoE Measurements


Packet Sniffer








Traffic Shaping / QoS


TCP Optimization


Single Front End


Multitenant Architecture

Multitenant Data

How can Viewtinet help me?


Thanks to its unique architecture and portfolio, there are several use cases where Viewtinet can help your organization.

  • Network monitoring: Viewtinet can ingest and analyze SNMP, NetFlow, WMI, ICMP, etc. It has a powerful alarms console. It can also connect with APIs to any cloud service. All this added to the network probe capabilities makes it the most complete tool for network performance monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting.
  • Traffic Sniffer: to benefit from forensic captures, Viewtimon sniffer captures traffic 24×7, with a high retention rate.
  • Traffic Shaping: assure the performance of critical applications and limit the unwanted ones.
  • Improve the QoE: accelerate the TCP flows increasing significantly the network performance.
  • VoIP analysis: putting together the probe, with tens of KQIs, with the Call Detail Record, Viewtinet provides a 360º visibility of the calls both at log level and network level.
  • Single Pane View & Advanced Analytics: integrate with Syslog, API, or any other mechanisms all the different data of your network and benefit of the advanced analytics. Improve the Meraki dashboard, the Pulse Secure reports, etc.
  • SOC / NOC: thanks to its multitenant architecture, Viewtinet is used in several MSPs to provide a live portal to the end customers with powerful and interactive live dashboards.
  • Working from home enhancement: integrate data from mail servers, calls, video calls, VPNs, etc. to provide all the analytics regarding working from home. Improve the QoE of your employees.
  • IoT smart analytics: Viewtinet can also integrate all types of logs and metrics from any IoT device.
  • And many others

Project OI2018/KAIROS-5156 co-financed 50% by the CAMand the CAM FEDER fund 2014-2020.