Multitenant Data

Bring your MSP to the next level with real-time multitenant data portal

Normalize your data in
a single pane view

NOCs and SOCs usually use several systems to monitor and analyze all the install base. Having different elements for different customers makes it difficult to provide snapshots and analytics about the current status.

Viewtinet, thanks to its product Viewtilog, can integrate all the different data assets in a single pane view. Not only it can integrate data directly from the sources (Syslog from firewalls, SNMP from switches, etc.) but also integrate data from tools that have already aggregated data (like SIEMs, NPMs, etc.) or even existing databases.

In one single instance,
multiple tenants

Install only one instance of Viewtisight and provide each tenant the capability to visualize only its data. You can then give access to each tenant to a live multitenant data portal. This provides end-customer a real-time interactive dashboard that helps to give value to the services that are being provided and avoid churn.

In fact, the multitenancy capabilities of Viewtinet are unique: thanks to its architecture, each tenant may have different roles and users. You can even give permissions to create new dashboards, or limit to view only.

multitenant reports,

Some organizations are not comfortable providing a live portal to end-customers. Still, they want to give insights and KPIs about the current services. Consequently, they invest a lot of resources to create manual weekly or monthly reports.

Viewtisight can create automatic reports, completely customized, to provide each customer insights about their data. Configure the look & feel to match your company branding.

Integrate it inside your existing
multitenant portal with iFrames

In case you are already using a customer portal, you can integrate Viewtinet reports and dashboards within it. Both for custom-made portals or SaaS portals, like Salesforce, Viewtinet integrates using iFrames.

Viewtinet also covers the needed integrations to provide a single sign-on. On the whole, it is the perfect add-on to enrich your portal with useful insights and observability.

Multitenant dashboards
required products and licenses,

Viewtinet has a simple licensing model. Typically, Viewtinet proposes a perpetual license with an annual support renewable contract. However, if you prefer a monthly subscription this is also an available option.

As per every project of Viewtinet, the Viewtisight license is required. In addition, Viewtilog is also needed to ingest, transform, and load the log data that will be used in the multitnenant portal. Viewtilog depends on the number of data sources and the daily ingested volume of data.

In contrast to other products in the market, the multitenant capabilities are free of charge and are included within the Viewtisight license.

Viewtinet products logdata

Multitenant portal deployment
physical, private cloud, and public cloud

Viewtinet works with value-added resellers to provide turnkey projects to our customers. In fact, Viewtinet can be deployed in the private cloud, public cloud, and also in dedicated Viewtinet appliances.

Viewtinet appliances are specially designed to manage a vast amount of logs. The storage is configurable to provide the desired retention time. Algo, high-availability configurations are supported at different levels.