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Viewtinet provides the latest technology to provide a scalable and high performance Netflow Analyzer

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Netflow monitoring challenges

One single router may export thousands of flows per second. In small environments, traditional network management tools can be enough to handle it. However, in big scenarios, there can be hundreds or even thousands of devices. This leads to a bast amount of NetFlow messages that can reach hundreds of thousands per second. Traditional tools do not have the capability, due to their architecture, to handle this amount of data.

For this reason Viewtinet has been designed based on big data architecture.  In fact, Viewtisight provides a carrier-grade database. Moreover, it provides summarization mechanisms to increase performance. Consequently, Viewtinet can integrate and analyze all the Netflow data of your network, no matter how big it is.



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All Netflow versions supported

Netflow Collector

Thanks to the smart data broker Viewtilog works as a NetFlow collector. It can integrate, store and analyze all the different versions of NetFlow:

  • NetFlow v5, v7 & v9
  • sFlow
  • jFlow
  • Etc.

On top of this, Netflow information and reports can be correlated with other data sources. Viewtinet is able to ingest and analyze all the different data sources of your network. 







NetFlow analyzer with drill-down and dynamic dashboards


See all the available metrics of NetFlow in Viewtinet. Not only you can benefit from the out-of-the-box dashboards, but also create new customized dashboards with few clicks.

Analyze and interact with the protocols, amount of flows, throughput, volume, conversations, ToS, domains, etc.

What is more, you can create interactive buttons to filter charts according to a specific origin or destination IP, subnet, port, protocol, etc.







Netflow analyzer alarms & thresholds

Gain proactivity by setting automatic alarms. Receive notifications or integrate them with third parties. In every report and dashboard, you can easily set the thresholds to see when any metric is exceeding the normal values.