Network Monitoring

Network monitoring

Networking professionals need to deal with several pain points when monitoring the complete infrastructure. There are more and more different devices in a multi-cloud and multivendor ecosystem.

In the past, network monitoring was basically devices’ health status, interface status, and ICMP availability. Although these indicators are a must, there are several more metrics that the devices supply and can be crucial to monitor the correct status of the network.

For these reasons, many companies are switching from traditional monitoring towards unified observability. The main reason is that they can ingest any data source, from any vendor, in any format. In addition, they will have better alarms and an easy-to-use graphical interface for customized dashboards.

Network monitoring observability
Advanced network monitoring

Network Monitoring

Thanks to the smart data broker, Viewtilog works as a data integrator. You can easily add standard SNMP metrics plus specific OIDs per device. Not only it collects the data: it can integrate, store and analyze SNMP, ICMP, traps, webhooks, API, telemetry, Netflow, etc., from any vendor. This includes routers, switches, servers, firewalls, access points, load balancers, DNS servers, cloud infrastructure, etc.

Draw network diagrams, with autodiscovery. Monitor health status, interface status, packet loss, etc. Create alarms and receive traps. Create a multitenant portal for your customers.

On top of this, the monitoring information and reports can be correlated with other data sources. Viewtinet can ingest and analyze all the different data sources of your network. You can also add IP traffic analytics with Viewtimon.

Viewtinet allows defining the time that the logs are kept. It can also configure aggregations to gain speed with observability. It provides a powerful alarm console. Furthermore, you can define different notifications based on an alarm or correlations.

Performance monitoring,
with drill-down and dynamic dashboards

Analytics and logger solutions are sometimes seen as complex technologies that require high expertise to exploit. On the contrary, Viewtinet provides an intuitive reporting tool: Viewtisight. Not only you can benefit from the out-of-the-box dashboards, but also create new customized ones with few clicks. It is also quite simple to add any new data source, with specific OIDs and/or MIB files. So you can get all metrics and logs from every device.

Create charts with an editor, select the data source, the metrics, dimension, and filters with few clicks. No complex query language is needed. Additionally, you can drill-down in each of the fields of the charts for further analysis.

What is more, you can create interactive buttons to filter charts according to a specific vendor, device type, interface description, devices group, etc.

Network performance dashboard for advanced network monitoring
Alarm console for network monitoring

Network monitoring
traps, alarms, and notifications

Gain proactivity by setting automatic alarms. Receive notifications or integrate them with third parties. In every report and dashboard, you can easily select the thresholds to see when any metric exceeds the defined limits.

Viewtisight control center includes a powerful alarm console. You can configure alarms based on real-time listening, like traps, or even trespassing the thresholds of defined metrics. Moreover, you can also configure alarms based on queries, and define complex rules.

Also add notifications to the alarms, or create notifications based on alarms correlation or combination. For example: send e-mails, send WhatsApp messages, send Slack messages, call an API, log the alarm, etc.

Network monitoring,
Rootway: interact with your network diagram

From Viewtisight, you can create network topology diagrams. You can see your network devices and the connectivity between them. The autodiscovery mode will automatically paint all the detected devices. You can then edit the topology and combine different views according to the levels.

Everything in Viewtisight is interactive. For instance, you can click on one of the devices and automatically see all its metrics (maximum, minimum, average, temporal series, etc.).

Even though the monitoring protocols provide all this information, in case we add the Viewtimon probe we will enrich the data and see the network performance in each of the network levels.

Network Topology
Dashboards network monitoring

Network monitoring
out of the box dashboards and plugins

As a consequence of the multiple vendors that coexist in the network, it seems quite challenging to obtain advanced monitoring of complex metrics. For this reason, Viewtinet arrives with several out-of-the-box plugins and dashboards.

Our customers do not need to deal with data integration. Viewtinet does this job for you. The product licensing includes the data extraction, transformation, and load of all your assets.

Moreover, there are several out-of-the-box dashboards. This allows seeing by default the most common network monitoring data. However, to adapt to your company’s needs, it is quite simple to adapt, edit, or create dashboards.

Network monitoring,
end to end

Forget about heavy integrations and neverending projects. Viewtinet makes the data ingestion for you. All the data integration is included in the product license.

Extraction, transformation, load, normalization, storage, data analytics, alarms, multitenancy, etc. Everything under the same product. To sum up, a complete end-to-end solution that goes from data extraction up to the analytics layer.

Viewtinet products logdata

Network monitoring,
required products and licenses

Viewtinet has a simple licensing model. Normally, Viewtinet proposes a perpetual license with an annual support renewable contract. However, if you prefer a monthly subscription this is also an available option.

As per every project of Viewtinet, we require the Viewtisight license. In addition, we need Viewtilog to ingest, transform, and load the SNMP, ICMP, and any other type of data. For network monitoring, Viewtilog depends on the number of data sources. One device counts as one license, independently if it has hundreds of interfaces.

Network monitoring deployment
physical, private cloud, & public cloud

Viewtinet works with value-added resellers to provide turnkey projects to our customers. In fact, Viewtinet can be deployed in the private cloud, public cloud, and also in dedicated Viewtinet appliances.

Viewtinet appliances are specially designed to manage a vast amount of logs. The storage is configurable to provide the desired retention time. Algo, high-availability configurations are supported at different levels.

Network monitoring