Log Data Wire Data and Traffic Optimization


Viewtinet product family brings a complete set of solutions to address advanced analytics for log data, wire data and traffic optimization. Viewtisight is the common product for every Viewtinet configuration: it will provide the GUI for both configuration and reporting.




Viewtisight is the central element of every Viewtinet installation. It contains the smart analytics GUI, the data base and the configuration pane.


Viewtilog contains the smart data broker, capable of ingesting data from any source in IT, OT & IoT. It supports SNMP, Netflow, syslog, WMI, API, etc.


Viewtimon is a DPI probe. It detects applications and it measures they performance. It can also act as a sniffer that captures all packets 24x7.


Viewtify products optimize the network performance. Set different QoS policies to the different applications and also optimize all the TCP flows.



Quick and cost-effective deployment

Forget about long and costy deployments. Viewtinet products provide all the different elements to benefit of the smart analytics and network optimization. The deployments can be physical with Viewtinet's appliances or alternatively virtual both in public or private cloud. Indeed, no third party licenses are needed. The database is part of the Viewtisight product and the integration of every data source is included within Viewtilog. On the whole, you get wire data log data and traffic optimization all-in-one.