SD-WAN Monitoring

SD-WAN monitoring

SD-Wan monitoring is a pain point for many organizations. While SD-WAN provides several benefits, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider when it comes to default analytics:

  1. Low Retention Rates: By default, the data retention is very short. This can make it challenging to analyze historical trends and patterns or to identify long-term issues that may be affecting network performance.
  2. Limited Granularity: Default SD-WAN analytics may not provide granular insights into network traffic or application behavior. This can make it challenging to identify specific issues or bottlenecks that may be impacting network performance.
  3. Incomplete Data: SD-WAN analytics may not capture all the relevant data points needed to understand network behavior fully.
  4. Lack of Customization: Default SD-WAN analytics may not be customizable, meaning that businesses may not be able to tailor the analytics to their specific needs or requirements.
  5. Limited Integration: Default SD-WAN analytics may not integrate with external observability tools.
SD-WAN monitoring analytics observability
SD WAN Analytics

SD-WAN Monitoring
Observability benefits

Thanks to the smart data broker, Viewtilog can integrate data from every SD-WAN vendor. Not only it collects the data: it can integrate, store and analyze all SD-Wan KPIs, from any vendor. This includes the SNMP & ICMP monitoring, rest API and streaming API integration, Syslog analytics, etc.

SD-WAN monitoring and observability,
with drill-down and dynamic dashboards

Analytics and logger solutions are sometimes seen as complex technologies that require high expertise to exploit. On the contrary, Viewtinet provides an intuitive reporting tool: Viewtisight. Not only you can benefit from the out-of-the-box dashboards, but also create new customized ones with few clicks.

Create charts with an editor, select the data source, the metrics, dimension, and filters with few clicks. No complex query language is needed. Additionally, you can drill-down in each of the fields of the charts for further analysis.

What is more, you can create interactive buttons to filter charts according to a specific origin or destination IP, subnet, port, protocol, etc.

SD-Wan monitoring WiFi
SD Wan Monitoring health

SDWAN Monitoring
alarms and thresholds

Gain proactivity by setting automatic alarms. Receive notifications or integrate them with third parties. In fact, in every report and dashboard you can easily set the thresholds to see when any metric is exceeding the normal values.

Some SD-Wan vendors provide automated alarms that generate thousands of events. Viewtinet can help to decrease the number of alarms by setting optimized thresholds and event-types that trigger the alarms. For more information about SD-Wan troubleshooting we suggest this external guide.

SD-Wan monitoring,
end to end

Forget about heavy integrations and neverending projects: Viewtinet makes the data ingestion for you. Indeed all the data integration is included in the product license.

In fact, extraction, transformation, load, normalization, storage, data analytics, alarms, multitenancy, etc. Everything is under the same product. To summarize, it is a complete end-to-end solution that goes from data extraction up to the analytics layer.

SD-Wan End To End monitoring
Viewtinet products logdata

SD-WAN monitoring,
required products and licenses

Viewtinet has a simple licensing model. Normally, Viewtinet proposes a perpetual license with an annual support renewable contract. However, if you prefer a monthly subscription this is also an available option.

As per every project of Viewtinet, the Viewtisight license is required. In addition, we need Viewtilog to ingest, transform, and load the SD-WAN data. In brief, Viewtilog depends on the number of data sources and the daily ingested volume of data.

SD-WAN monitoring deployment
physical, private cloud, & public cloud

Viewtinet works with value-added resellers to provide turnkey projects to our customers. In fact, Viewtinet supports deployments in private cloud, public cloud, and also in dedicated Viewtinet appliances.

Viewtinet appliances are specially designed to manage a vast amount of logs. The storage is configurable to provide the desired retention time. Moreover, they support high-availability configurations at different levels.