Service Provider

Service Providers around the world trust in Viewtinet technology based on:


This domain includes capacity planning, network investments, network optimization, etc.


In order to provide better promotions and up-sell opportunities, better recommendations and more targeted product-prices mixes.


How users experience Operator’s services, improve customer satisfaction, prevent churn, etc.

The Viewtinet approach to Customer Experience Assurance, Network Analytics and Troubleshooting is proven to be the most cost effective method of solution implementation.


The Viewtinet solution is considerably functionally richer, a genuine multi-vendor umbrella solution with Big Data processing response times quick enough to implement network actuation or flexing in real-time.

Next Generation Umbrella

MiraSight is a data hungry system: the more data sources you put into it, the more insights you can get. Thanks to its open architecture and different layers, particularly the one coping with mediation, MiraSight can integrate virtually any data source from the Operator, be it from the network, from an OSS or from BSS. Besides, thanks to its built-in correlation features, it makes possible to correlate multiple data sources in real time to refer them to the same user

Why is Viewtinet Unique?

  1. Viewtinet provides Software for over 200M users Worldwide.
  2. Telco Big Data Analytics product (vs System Integration project).
    1. Seamlessly pre-integrated components (ETL, Store, CEP, Reporting), covering 100% the customer experience analytics requested:
      1. IT & Telco-specialized interfaces.
      2. Batch & Real-time architectures.
    2. Open & Modular as it can fully integrate with and use modules from other all vendors in the network today.
    3. Special Big Data store: supporting online-reporting and OLAP.
    4. Telco correlation in ETL & Network adaptation:
      1. User plane and control plane (e.g. Bytemobile Video Optimizer by IP correlated with RADIUS and MSISDN).
      2. End-to-end view of user sessions from multiple data sources (e.g. RAN, SGSNs/MMEs, DPI, etc).
  3. MPP Distributed system
    1. Distributed parallel processing on inexpensive Intel-based servers.
    2. Servers in Points of Presence (with ETL and Store), since moving massive data over corporate and management networks is prohibitive and often not feasible.
  4. Replicate live and proven existing Quality of Experience deployments.

Customer Experience Assurance


Viewtinet vCEA provides Customer Care screens at different levels. Those screens can be integrated into CRM systems. Alternatively an integration via HTTP REST is also possible, so that CRM systems request information to Viewtinet vCEA on-demand. Finally Viewtinet vCEA includes a CEI (Customer Experience Indicator) exporter which can be used to continuously export Customer Experience indicators to other systems in the Operator. The search of the users can be done for any of the desired fields that identifies any user or group of users.

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