Sinefa Alternative

Why companies are chosing Viewtinet as a Sinefa alternative?

Easiness of Use

Easy catalogues creation and policy configuration

DPI Analytics

Analytics & Reporting

Advanced analytics with customized dashboards


QoE & VoIP metrics

Measure network QoE metrics and VoIP indicators

DPI All-In-One

All in one

QoS, analytics, log observability and configuration in a single appliance

TCP Optimization

TCP Acceleration

Improve network QoE optimizing all the TCP flows


Latest traffic shaping & QoS with easy configuration: the ultimate Sinefa alternative

Create the policy tree with a visual HTML interface. Viewtify QoS provides the capability of defining the classification rules, the profiles and matching them with the policies. Assure the best QoE of the critical applications. You can set high priority or define a minimum bandwidth. Being a Sinefa alternative, still policies can be made using a percentage of available bandwidth. Moreover, you can simulate policies to see in which policy the traffic will fall. Every new policy has an automatic validation to avoid policy overlapping.
Packet Shaper alternative QoS Traffic Shaping Policy tree
Packetshaper alternative QoE Measurements dashboard

Sinefa Alternative with QoE & VoIP metrics

Viewtinet provides a rich set of network metrics. In fact, hundreds of metrics including QoE indicators (server response time, RTT, packet loss, etc.). Additionally, regarding VoIP, Viewtinet can provide both RTP and SIP metrics for accurate VoIP analytics and troubleshooting. Furthermore, all these metrics can be calculated for a specific policy or any traffic. In the same way, alarms can be created for proactive management.

Advanced analytics, network observability

Not only does Viewtinet provide a great number of dashboards out of the box, but you can also create any dashboard from scratch.  Viewtisight is quite easy to configure and allows to create any report with few clicks. It is a fully multitenant solution providing interactive dashboards with drill-down capability. You can configure alarms and send automated reports. Viewtinet products are the result of using the latest state of the art. For this reason, the solution is scalable and the interface responsive in HTML5.
Packetshaper alternative DPI dashboards
Packetshaper alternative QoS IP Sniffer deployment

All-in-one Architecture: easy to deploy Sinefa alternative

In contrast to other traffic shaping solutions, Viewtinet provides all the different functionalities in a single appliance. The management, reporting, DPI, and QoS engine run under the same device. In fact, other value-added functionalities can be added to the same platform. For instance, the same device can run bandwidth management and TCP optimization simultaneously. Viewtinet has different appliances to address any size of deployment.

Sinefa alternative with Modular & flexible bypass

Viewtify deployment is inline, so Viewtinet supplies a passive bypass module for avoiding to have a new point of failure. Failsafe protection: when power fails, the optical-relays ensure that the network flow continues uninterrupted. Heartbeat protection: In the event of an appliance malfunction it bypasses the traffic intended for the Viewtify to the network ports, allowing it to continue to flow. High density and flexibility: the bypass has 4 modules, each module can manage 2 links of fiber or copper interfaces. Indeed, the bypass can manage fiber and copper interfaces at the same time.
Passive Bypass for QoS traffic shaping and TCP acceleration optimization
Packetshaper alternative Log Data Dashboard

Additional features: log data observability, packet sniffer, etc.

What makes Veiwtinet unique is the capability to ingest and analyze log data and wire data, while enhancing the network quality of experience. Certainly, companies are switching from reporting to observability regarding logs and metrics of the entire IT ecosystem. Viewtimon sniffer can capture traffic 24x7 and Viewtify Optimization improves the QoE of all the TCP transactions As a result, Viewtinet customers are having the benefit of network optimization together with advanced analytics. Viewtilog can ingest SNMP, API, syslog, NetFlow, CDRs, and any other type of data.