Viewtinet Software products are uniquely engineered and positioned to allow enterprises to have detailed and real time information about all the aspects of the network. The key value of the technology is parallel processing massive data in real time from multiple sources with extreme high performance.

Although the existence of commonly used predefined dashboards, our customers enjoy the great flexibility that Viewtinet offers to benefit of own-made customized dashboards. Every company is different and Viewtinet adapts to each use case to take the most out of the data.

Viewtinet is the leader company in integrating any data source, in any format in the IT / OT / IoT ecosystem.

Any Data Integration & Normalization. Multivendor Log Ecosystem

One of the most painful parts when deploying any big-data solution is the collection layer. When adding a data source normally is manual and needs high qualified certified engineers and big amount of time to develop it.

Viewtinet has developed a technology that can ingest any type of data, in any format, from any vendor, with great agility. Because of the professionalism in the development team, Viewtinet is committed to deliver any integration within 2 weeks for structured data. For an unstructured data connector Viewtinet can also develop it; but the timing has to be analyzed.

So no need to spend your time developing connectors, just install Viewtinet and start enjoying your data with advanced analytics.

Viewtinet is already preconfigured out-of-the-box for the most common protocols like SNMP, NetFlow, Syslog, WMI, etc. and for most of the IT vendors like switches, routers, access points, servers, probes, load balancers, IDS, etc. We can also correlate the network information with the business information since we can also collect data from CRMs, ERPs, etc.

In summary, Viewtinet supports complex queries that correlate information from different logs and data sources.

Carrier-Class Big-Data Database

Viewtinet’s own database has proven track record in scenarios where millions of events per second need to be indexed and correlated. It is even capable of attending hundreds of simultaneous users. It saves structured and non-structured data and is accessible from ViewtiSight and a “Google-like” query searching mechanism.

It gives 360 degrees data analysis and its efficiency assures a quick and dynamic response, making the reporting run quickly with no need of expensive SDDs. This provides 100% data accessibility, 100% of the time and consumes less resources in terms of RAM and processor.

The database is developed and owned by Viewtinet so there is no need to add 3rd party licenses to the solution. Nevertheless, Viewtinet has developed APIs to import/export data to/from open source HDFS systems in both database level and Business Intelligence level.


The collected data may be analyzed by different departments with different needs. Viewtinet allows building customized user access control for specific reports, dashboards, logs, etc.

If your company is giving services to 3rd parties, you can set a profile to give access to your customer so that he/she can have direct access to dashboards showing the service usage and KPI’s. Thanks to this feature, any company, SaaS provider or MSSP can integrate managed services.

Smart Analytics

Viewtinet’s Viewtisight covers all the Business Intelligence layers, providing the possibility to easily build customized queries matching different sources, data records, logs, etc. The information will be displayed in a smart and dynamic way so that you can get the most out of your data. You can even drill-down in any report, filter, compare, etc.

The system relies on latest machine-learning technology to proactively generate alarms when overtaking or undertaking the defined thresholds and can generate actions after conditions.

Alarms Management

Monitor all the events and alarms from your network. Receive automatic notices and create actions based on this alarms. The alarms management allows a quick and valuable insight of the type of alarm, what element has caused it, at what time, etc.

Set automatic alarms when finding anomalies from any measurement from any data source and configure also the severity of them.

Customized Dashboards

Viewtinet comes with a rich set of predefined graphs, reports and dashboards. We take simplicity as the key value for such a powerful reporting system. We also believe that each company has specific reporting needs, so it is quite easy to create your own reports and dashboards from a visual and intuitive GUI.

All the reports are dynamic, you can select the number of elements you want to show, the top or bottom elements, compare different metrics in the same report, export in different formats, drill down, select time slice, resolution, automatic update, etc. Save your reports, share them in the wall or schedule them to be sent automatically by e-mail.

Network Health Check and Troubleshooting

Check the status of all the devices, collect information from network, systems and security devices checking KPIs, quality of communications, transactions processes, services, temperature, CPU usage, etc.

Viewtinet acts as a Network Performance Monitoring to measure the quality of experience, RTT, number of flows, total throughput, packet loss, retransmissions, session failure ratio, activity duration, service access failure, jitter, and any metric you can imagine.

Since the system is collecting data from all the different devices it happens to be a very powerful troubleshooting tool. For advanced users you can even search in the raw data.

Application Performance Monitoring

Have complete view of application KPI’s. Create your own dashboards or use one of the predefined ones to monitor top applications, users, flows, conversations, ToS, latencies, etc.

As in every metric, you can create alarms,  schedule the reports and send automatic e-mails with the desired lapse and resolution.

DPI Probes

Viewtinet has developed DPI probes that can understand the traffic and act as a new data source to feed the solution with key information such as applications, URLs, users, VoIP, OTT, etc. data records.  The data can be shown with 1 second resolution if needed.

The DPI probe has a rich set of own made signatures and contains machine-learning algorithms to auto learn from the network and detect new applications on the fly. The application information can then be correlated by any other data source to provide advanced layer 7 reporting.


Viewtinet can give valuable reports over Google Maps®. Using Viewtisight’ powerful reporting capabilities it is simple to create heat maps, show top or bottom items, compare different metrics over different periods of time, etc.

All these maps can be shown by any metric available that can be correlated with the location. Examples of these metrics are: use of certain applications, status of the routers in the branch offices and also any business information. We can for example understand where the customers are acquiring certain product.

Artificial Intelligence and Forecasting

Viewtinet can understand the patterns of any metric. The solution comes with the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to provide forecasting and allow the companies to act in advance to any predicted system failure or capacity overloading.


Viewtinet can be used to store all the structured data in the company. The system allows to set the time that de data needs to be stored and the people or profiles that have permission to access this data.

Viewtinet keeps the track of any access to any of the data stored in the database and also the conversations, access and usage of any company resource by user, being able to integrate with LDAP and Active Directory. The information is given with complete and detailed reporting.

TCP Optimization

Viewtinet has one active module called Viewtify TCP/Web Optimization. This solution improves the efficiency of all the communications under TCP protocol optimizing data transmission and improving QoE.

The key advantage of this solution is that it is designed to be installed in only one side of the communication flow, so it is particularly interesting in centralized networks where, depending on the delay and the distance to the source, Viewtify can increase the transactions over 100%.

Service Providers Solutions

Network Intelligence. Viewtisight is a data hungry system: the more data sources you put into it, the more insights you can get. Thanks to its open architecture and different layers, particularly the one coping with mediation, Viewtisight can integrate virtually any data source from the Operator, be it from the network, from an OSS or from BSS. Besides, thanks to its built-in correlation features, it makes possible to correlate multiple data sources in real time to refer them to the same user

Customer Intelligence. In order to provide better promotions and up-sell opportunities, better recommendations and more targeted product-prices mixes. Viewtinet has developed a proprietary DPI probe to have the full visibility at application level by customer.

Customer Experience. The Viewtinet approach to Customer Experience Assurance, Network Analytics and Troubleshooting is proven to be the most cost effective method of solution implementation.

The Viewtinet solution is considerably functionally richer, a genuine multi-vendor umbrella solution with Big Data processing response times quick enough to implement network actuation or flexing in real-time.

Viewtinet provides Customer Care screens at different levels. Those screens can be integrated into CRM systems. Alternatively an integration via HTTP REST is also possible, so that CRM systems request information to Viewtinet on-demand. Finally Viewtinet includes a CEI (Customer Experience Indicator) exporter which can be used to continuously export Customer Experience indicators to other systems in the Operator. The search of the users can be done for any of the desired fields that identifies any user or group of users.

Anomaly Detection based on Machine Learning

When using temporal reports, Viewtinet learns the behavior of any metric, using machine learning to understand the periodicity of the values.

Typically, the alarms configuration where set when overpassing a predefined absolute threshold. On top of this Viewtinet can create adaptive alarms defining the severity (critical, major or minor) depending on the percentage of deviation.

Packet Analyzer

Allow sniffing IP traffic for further and deeper analysis using Viewtimon probes. It creates a packet capture in PCAP format. You can visualize in Viewtisight console problematic metrics thresholds and analyze in detail with this feature.

It is included with Viewtisight MNGT console and is suitable for sniffing purposes like packet analysis and packet flow optimization, bottleneck deeper analysis, how protocols are built, legal interception, etc.

Smart Data Broker

Viewtinet can ingest any type of data in any format. It does not matter the format or protocol, Viewtinet’s unique mediation technology can manage it.

There may be many different vendors and formats within your IT / OT / IoT environment. You don’t need to develop different integrations per data source, allow Viewtinet to handle and integrate all this complex ecosystem with no efforts.

Viewtinet’s treatment of logs and metrics allows you to export data in any format. This may be used to integrate with third party technologies like SIEM, decreasing its EPS and opitmizing its performance

Business Groups

The Business Groups functionality is a predefined dashboard that helps organizations to have a direct view in table mode about the network usage  per department or business group.

Divide your network into different host groups and have a direct view about all the different KPIs available for each of them. Navigate between the different tabs with information about local traffic, applications, IP conversations, connected IPs, member IPs and IP Protocols.

All this information is available with Viewtimon probe. If Viewtimon Sniffer has been deployed, then there are direct buttons to download the PCAP with the selected filters already applied. The PCAP files are always generated, so you can download the PCAP of traffic that happend in the past.

Quality Of Service

Viewtify QoS improves the traffic performance by applying QoS policies to the different flows in the network. The rules can by applied by application, port, net, subnet, IP ranges, etc. It has three levels of classification.

You can assure a minimum bandwith, limit with a maximum, give priorities, etc. Everything on both senses of the communication.

Viewtify QoS brings a disruptive visual policy table. It has never been so easy to create the different policies and to search where a specific application or IP has fallen.