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Viewtify QoS




Why is QoS and traffic shaping important?

There are several applications that are critical for the organizations. As a network administrator you need to make sure not only that you are monitoring their performance in real time, but also that these applications  have always enough bandwidth to work properly.

When we talk about North-South communications, many organizations rely on the firewall for these porposes. But this can lead to an agumentation of rules and decrease of performance. On top of this, a dedicated QoS device will have more rules, being able to apply different policies in both senses of communication.

In East-West communications, with a QoS device we will be able of having visibility internally, avoiding network bottlenecks and managing the traffic of all the branches in the WAN.







Easiness of Use

Easy catalogues creation and policy configuration

DPI Analytics

Analytics & Reporting

Advanced analytics with customized dashboards


QoE & VoIP metrics

Measure network QoE metrics and VoIP indicators

DPI All-In-One

All in one

QoS, analytics, log observability and configuration in a single appliance

TCP Optimization

TCP Acceleration

Improve network QoE optimizing all the TCP flows







Easy and granular traffic classification

To control your network the first step is to classify it correctly. Viewtify allows to generate the classficiation rules according to many different variables:

  • Protocol
  • Port
  • Port range
  • IP
  • IP range
  • Application
  • VLAN
  • Subnet
  • Time




Complete network control

One of the value added functionalities of having a QoS dedicated appliance is its capacity to define many different types of rules. These rules can be applied for inbound traffic, outbound traffic, or the same for both senses:

  • Min rate
  • Max rate
  • Pirority queue
  • Drop
  • Normal QoS
  • No QoS




 Tree policy configuration with multiple levels

Setting the QoS policies has never been easier. Instead of having complex tables, the configuration is done with a tree where you can easily navigate, add any child policy, collapse nodes, set templates, etc.

There is no limitation with the number of levels of the policies, so you can create the policies that match all of your organization needs.

In case there is any policy setting




Policy simulation and search

It collects and correlates data from any third party, in any format. Viewtinet’s unique smart data broker technology allows to add any data source quickly, and with no aditional cost, so the companies will benefit of a single pane view wihout investing time in parsing data. It does not matter the vendor or the format, Viewtinet has deep experience integrating data like Netflow, Syslog, SNMP, WMI, APIs, CDRs, XMLs, CSVs etc.







Viewtify TCP Optimization




Why is TCP optimization important?

TCP is the most used protocol by Internet services and applications. It is very well designed, but it can also be a bottleneck when the network conditions are not optimal. This happens for example when there is packet loss, high latencies, jitter, wireless links, etc. Under these conditions, the network performance is lower than it could actually support.

Viewtify TCP optimization improves the speed over 100%, specially when there are wireless environments.




Deployed in a single side of the communication, works with HTTPS

Viewtify TCPO does not break the TCP protocol, it improves it. This is why with a single device deployed in the central site will improve the communications of the entire company, without the need of deploying a unit in every single branch.

For this same reason, since the TCP protocol is not broken, it works with encrypted traffic like HTTPS.

So, if your company needs to improve the performance of application over the internet, Viewtify is a cost effective and optimal solution.




Transparent Proxy

One of the mechanisms that Viewtify TCPO uses for optimizing the TCP velocity is to act as a transparent proxy.

This functionality reduces significantly the time needed to receive the ACKs from the destination of the communication.

As you can see in the video, this method can be specially powerful for service providers, WISPs, and also for companies that have a centralized Internet exit.




Faster TCP Stack

Viewtify TCPO algorithms for detecting congestion allows our TCP to be more agressive when there is no congestion, and to back away in real congestion.

The different mechanisms allow to reduce the impact of long round trip times, to recover faster from packet loss, to reduce the number of dropped connections.

It reduces the impact of packet losses early in a transfer on overall transfer speedl

All this leads to a great improvement in the quality of experience of the network users.




Amazing optimization rates

The optimization rates depend on many components like the network quality, if the connection is wireless, and also the content where we are downloading or uploading.

There is also a big difference depending the distance and delay where the content service providers have their physical data centers.

Overall, the improvement is quite significant, getting rates that sometimes go over 200%. Generally speaking, the optimization rate is between 30% and 150%.




Viewtify TCPO & QoS All-In-One Deployment




Advantages of simultaneous TCPO & QoS

Having both optimization technologies running at the same time is the best solution for maximising the network capacity and quality of experience.

TCP Optimization will take the most out of the TCP protocol, accelerating the download and upload of all the TCP traffic, also the encrypted one.

QoS will distinguish between the different applications, subnets and ports to ensure that critical applications will have always alocated network resources to avoid bottlenecks.




Bypass module

Viewtify deployment is inline, so Viewtinet supplies a passive bypass module for avoiding to have a new point of failure.

Failsafe protection: when power fails, the optical-relays ensure that the network flow continues uninterrupted.

Heartbeat protection: In the event of an appliance malfunction it bypasses the traffic intended for the Viewtify to the network ports, allowing it to continue to flow. 

High density and flexibility: the bypass has 4 modules, each module can 2 links of fiber or copper interfaces.






Transparent All-in-one Deployment

Viewtify appliances are designed to manage the traffic, configure the policies and have all the reporting capabilities with Viewtisight under the same device.

The bypass is the unit that is physically inline and will steer the traffic towards the Vietinet appliance. The interfaces of this device do not have IP address so it is a completely transparent deployment.