Ingest and Normalize IT / OT / IoT Data




Automatic data ingestion from any data source

Deploying an analytics tool has never been so easy. Forget about difficult, long and expensive integration projects. Viewtilog integrates any data source from IT, OT and IoT environments.

The vendor, Viewtinet, is the one responsible of the data integration. So you don't need to worry about it. We bring years of experience integrating data and we have already covered most of the vendors in the market. Any new integration will be done for free, if it is a standard data source.

Ad-hoc integrations are also available, but treated as a separate project with additioinal services.







Data Ingestion for IT

The complexity of today's networks has grown exponentially, so relying on a smart analytics tool to be the single pane view of all your IT ecosystem is the best option for a proactive and optimized management.

Viewtilog integrates all type of records, registers, and logs:

  • SNMP
  • Netflow (JFlow, SFlow, etc.)
  • Syslog
  • WMI
  • API
  • Webhook
  • CDRs (Call Detail Records)
  • CSV
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Etc.




Data ingestion for IoT

One of the main issues that organizatioins find today when deploying IoT architectures is that there are several vendors, each of them exporting data in a different format, and without a global monitoring tool to normalize the data and correlate all the data from the different devices.

Viewtilog ingests all the IoT-type  metrics and logs so that you can benefit of having all the complete IoT ecosystem analyzed by an advance analytics tool: Viewtisight.




Data Ingestion for OT

In the OT ecosystem, each device is sending logs and metrics in different formats. Normally the analytics is one of the pain points of this environment.

The OT systems do not save data for a long time and usually have only static alarms.

Viewtilog can integrate all this data, to benefit of having advance analytics, with high retention rate, geolocation, anomaly detection, etc.




Smart Data Broker

Not only Viewtilog ingests data into Viewtisight database, it can also convert any log into other format and forward it to a third party system.

This can be used for example for SIEMs, from one side you can add to the SIEM data that is not supported by it by default. On the other hand, you can reduce SIEM events per minute, improving its performance, if you filter the amount and type of logs that will be sent to it.




Integrated with Viewtisight: carrier-grade Database and Smart Analytics

Every Viewtilog deployment includes the Viewtisight module, which is the smart analytics tool that will store all the data provided by Viewtilog in a high-performance database and will give the analytics GUI layer to take the most out of all the ingested data.

The solution Viewtilog + Viewtisight provides a complete set of products to ingest, process, store and analyze every data source of your different ecosystems. It is cost effective since you don't need to invest in different products and databases, its integrations, and the development needed for data ingestion.