Viewtimon Wire Data QoE Probe and Sniffer


Viewtimon wire data QoE probe provides all the insights of the IP traffic. It brings the latest DPI technology for application recognition. Furthermore, its integrated with Viewtisight for advanced analytics.

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Network KPIs

Have complete visibility and understanding about everything that is happening in your network.

  • Connections
  • Packets
  • Troughput
  • Volume
  • IP origin and destination
  • Port origin and destination
  • Etc.





QoE Masurements

Benefit of having all the insights about the network and applications performance.

Click here to see the difference betweek QoE and QoS.

Viewtimon wire data QoE probe brings by default a rich set of Quality of Experience metrics such as:

  • Round Trip Time
  • End-to-End Latency
  • HTTP Session Time (TTL)
  • HTTP Setup Time
  • VoIP (MOS, Jitter, SIP ladder, etc)
  • And many more...




Viewtimon dashboard with network KPIs network visibility QoE measurements

DPI - Application Recognition

Since most of the applications are encrypted, Deep Packet Inspection is crucial for detecting them.

In fact, Viewtimon brings the latest DPI technology for application recognition. It brings a rich set of robust and updated signatures. These are based on all the different atributes: ports, static IPs, dynamic IPs with DNS requests, traffic paterns, bytes sequences, metrics, etc.

Furthermore, you can also add your organization applications by manualy adding customized signatures.




Real-Time Wire Data Analytics and Historical View with Viewtisight

It is not only about having precise metada of the network traffic. Moreover, it is also very important how to visualize and analyse it.

Viewtimon  sends all the traffic to Viewtisight. This advanced analytics tool will provide real-time interactive dashboards in adition to many other functionalities:

  • Static and dynamic alarms (with anomaly detection)
  • High retention rate
  • Multitenancy
  • Drill-Down
  • Vast amount of reports types and customizable dashboards
  • Correlation with other data sources (with Viewtilog), like SNMP, Netflow, Syslog, CDRs, etc.
  • Etc.







Create network diagrams.

With autodiscovery mode, automatically build the diagram, painting every node that has coursed traffic. Select the relevant KPI to show its weight with different colours of the lines.

You can also manually add the desired nodes to monitor specific transactions.







Path Analysis with NAT

Traffic Deduplication. KPIs are calculated without counting twice the same packet.

Path identification even after NAT. Viewtimon uses machine learning algorithms to identify packets of the same flow, even if they have been nated.

Thanks to this, Viewtimon is able to get end to end quality of experience indicators and any other key quality indicator.





Network KPIs & KQIs 



KPI NameDescriptionUnitsField Name
Active Connections[TCP] Total number of active connections#Active Connections
Client Payload Retransmission Rate[TCP] Average rate of request payload retransmissionbpsClient Payload Retransmission Rate
Client Reset Rate[TCP] Average number of connections that terminated with a TCP client reset per second#/timesliceClient Reset Rate
Client Resets[TCP] Total number of connections that terminated with a TCP client reset#Client Resets
Client Retransmission Rate[TCP] Average rate of response retransmissionsbpsClient Retransmission Rate
Client Retransmission Ratio[TCP] Percentage of request packets retransmitted%Client Retransmission Ratio
Connections Closed[TCP] Total number of connections#Connection Closed
Connection Failed Rate[TCP] Average rate of connection failures per second#/timesliceConnection Failed Rate
Connection Requests[TCP] Total number of connection requests#Connection Requests
Connection Requests Rate[TCP] Average number of connection requests per second#/timesliceConnection Requests Rate
Connection Setup Time[TCP] Average connection setup timesecConnection Setup Time
Connections Closed Rate[TCP] Average rate of connections closed per second#/timesliceConnections Closed Rate
Connections Failed[TCP] Total number of connections that failed#Connections Failed
Connections Opened[TCP] Total number of connections opened#Connections Opened
Connections Opened Rate[TCP] Average total number of connections opened per second#/timesliceConnections Opened Rate
Data Transfer Time Client Side[TCP] Average request data transfer timesecData Transfer Time Client Side
Data Transfer Time Server Side[TCP] Average response data transfer timesecData Transfer Time Server Side
Inbound PacketsTotal number of inbound packets#Inbound Packets
Inbound ThroughputAverage inbound throughputbpsInbound Throughput
Inbound VolumeTotal inbound traffic volumebytesInbound Volume
Outbound PacketsTotal outbound packets#Outbound Packets
Outbound ThroughputAverage outbound throughputbpsOutbound Throughput
Outbound VolumeTotal outbound traffic volumebytesOutbound Volume
Packet Loss RatioPercentage of packet loss%Packet Loss Ratio
Payload Retransmission Rate[TCP] Average rate of payload retransmission (request + response)bpsPayload Retransmission Rate
Retransmission Delay Server[TCP] Average TCP response retransmit delaysecondsRetransmission Delay Server
Retransmission Delay Client[TCP] Average request retransmit delaysecondsRetransmission Delay Client
Round Trip Time Client Side[TCP] Average round trip time, measured from client sidesecondsRound Trip Time Client Side
Round Trip Time Server Side[TCP] Average round trip time, measured from server sidesecondsRound Trip Time Server Side
Server Payload Retransmission Rate[TCP] Average rate of response payload retransmissionbpsServer Payload Retransmission Rate
Server Reset Rate[TCP] Average rate of server resets per second#/secondsServer Reset Rate
Server Resets[TCP] Total number of server resets#Server Resets
Server Response Time[TCP] Average server response timesecondsServer Response Time
Server Retransmission Rate[TCP] Average rate of response retransmissionbpsServer Retransmission Rate
Server Retransmission Ratio[TCP] Percentage of response packets retransmitted%Server Retransmission Ratio
Session Duration[TCP] Session durationsecondsSession Duration
Total Reset Rate[TCP] Average total reset rate per second#/timesliceTotal Reset Rate
Total Resets[TCP] Total number of resets#Total Resets
Total Retransmission Ratio[TCP] Percentage of request and response packets retransmitted%Total Retransmission Ratio
Total Round Trip Time[TCP] Round trip time server side + round trip time client sidesecondsTotal Round Trip Time
Total ThroughputInbound throughput + Outbound throughputbpsTotal Throughput
Total VolumeInbound bytes + outbound bytesBytesTotal Volume





Traffic Captures Always On

Keep calm. Viewtimon sniffer is capturing the traffic 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

In fact, you don't need to manually activate the captures. Surely, Viewtimon will store any incident in your network.

Generate PCAP within the desired day and time range.




Control Packet Truncation: High Retention Rate

One of the limitations of traffic sniffers is the amount of time that the captures are accesible.

Viewtimon Sniffers brings the capability of truncating the payload of specific traffic, like HTTPS. In fact, this is typically a high percentage of the overall traffic. Consequently, it will singificantly reduce the disc space improving the retention rate.

Because of this, when opening the PCAP in Wireshark it will automatically fill the size of the packet with the information contained in the header. As a result, no relevant info will be lost.






Packet sniffer probe. PCAP generation. sniffing traffic 24x7.

Easy Interface with Capture Dashboard

In order to download the PCAP, Viewtisight has a predefined dynamic dashboard, where you can easily select the start and end date and time.

You can select if you want the capture for IP conversations or IP ranges. The destination IP and port can be set as "any". Additioinaly you can input the desired value.

The PCAP will then be generated and available for download. In adition, you get a first input of the capture, with some reports showing relevant KPIs.








Easy Deployment

Viewtimon and Viewtimon sniffer are deployed out of band. Evidently, there is a need to replicate the traffic and forward it towards the probe. This can be done with a tap, a network packet broker, or a port spam.

If there are traffic aggregations with duplicated traffic, don’t worry. Viewtimon and Viewtimon Sniffer will handle this, providing the correct measures and captures.

Again, every Viewtimon deployment includes the Viewtisight smart anlytics tool to handle all the data.








Virtual Installation or with Viewtinet Appliances

Viewtimon wire data QoE probe can be deployed in virtual mode (both in private or public cloud). However, Viewtimon Sniffer requires high-demanding hardware needs. For this reason we recomend its deployment with a dedicated Viewtinet appliance.

Viewtimon appliances can manage from 200Mbps for remote sites, up to 100Gbps in a single unit. The deployment is all-in-one. Therefore, Viewtimon and Viewtisight can run together within the same appliance.