Smart Analytics for IT / OT / IoT



Single console for the entire Viewtinet ecosystem


Viewtisight is the core product of Viewtinet. It covers all the layers involved in data adquisition (smart data broker), storage (high performance data base) and Business Intelligence. It will provide all the reporting via an easy to use graphical user interface.

 Integrate Log Data with Viewtilog like Netflow, Syslog, SNMP, WMI, APIs, CDRs, XMLs, CSVs etc. and integrate Wire Data with Viewtimon for a 360º view of the newtork.








Rich Set of Reports and Dashboards

For every integration Viewtisight brings already several predefined dashboards. These can be easily customized to attend any specific need.

You can choose between a rich set of reports: time series, bars, pies, stacked, heat maps, speedometer, etc.

Correlate data from different data sources within the same dashboard.

Select if you want to see the data in real time, with automatic updates, between specific days and time, and also select the resolution.

Customize the size of each report, its position, the set of colours, and also the thresholds. For example in the speedometers we can configure at which value in terns green, yellow or red.



Multitenant Portal


The collected data may be analyzed by different departments with different needs within the same company. Viewtinet allows building customized user access control for specific reports, dashboards, logs, etc.

If your company is giving services to 3rd parties, you can set a profile to give access to your customer so that he/she can have direct access to dashboards showing the service usage and KPI’s in real time. Thanks to this feature, any company, SaaS provider or MSP can integrate managed services.

Viewtinet is the selected vendor to provide multitenant data in several NOCs and SOCs worldwide.



Automatic and Customized Reports

Customize the look and feel of the document, select the desired reports you want to include and set the periodicity.

Viewtisight will automatically send these multipage PDF format reports by e-mail.

Send reports to different profiles within your organization or send reports to your customers with your services KPIs.






Interactive, with Drill-down


All the reports and dashboards are interactive. You can select which of the objects you want to show or not.
You can also drill-down in any field to look for other fields within that object. This drill-down is made with the click of a buttom and it filters automatically by the selected object.
In any time series you can select a space to zoom in the selected area.



Create Reports in Seconds

Usually, high-experienced professionals are needed to create reports from Business Intelligence tools. Viewtisight keeps it simple so that anyone, without expertise, can create reports and dashboards without the need of typing complex queries.

The system shows the available metrics and objects per each of the data sources, and it lets you choose the desired report. It takes only a few seconds to create your own report.

Save your favorite reports to have direct access from your wall. If you want to receive the report in your inbox you can also configure it with few clicks. All the reports can be exported in csv, pdf, jpg, etc.



Dynamic Dashboards

Convert your dashboards into dynamic ones by adding a text box and a search buttom.
The inserted field will filter the desired reports by its value.
Organizations use this feature to see information of one branch, department, IP, etc.



GDPR Compliance

Viewtinet can be used to store all the structured data in the company. The system allows to set the time that de data needs to be stored and the people or profiles that have permission to access this data.

Viewtinet keeps the track of any access to any of the data stored in the database and also the conversations, access and usage of any company resource by user, being able to integrate with LDAP and Active Directory. The information is given with complete and detailed reporting.



Smart Proactive Analytics

Viewtisight is not only a visualization tool. It takes the most out of the data to help organizations to be more proactive.
It can make normal operations (sum, avg, max, min, count, unique, etc.) and conditional operations (sum_if, avg_if, max_if, min_if, count_if, unique_if) so you can achieve your goals.
Instead of managing your network in a reactive way, it is time to start making questions like:
  • Which are the most used ports of all the switches of my organization?
  • Which are the APs that exceded 50 concurrent users in a single day?
  • Etc.




Heat Maps and Geolocation

Viewtinet can give valuable reports over Google Maps®. Using Viewtisight’ powerful reporting capabilities it is simple to create heat maps, show top or bottom items, compare different metrics over different periods of time, etc.

All these maps can be shown by any metric available that can be correlated with the location. Examples of these metrics are: use of certain applications, status of the routers in the branch offices and also any business information.

It is also very used for IoT environments.



Integrated Carrier Grade Database

Forget about purchasing aditional licenses for a data base and expending time integrating different systems.
Viewtisight includes a high performance database that allows the tool to ingest vast amount of data and to provide the results of the queries very fast, without requiring huge infrastructure investments.



Advanced alarms and notifications


Viewtisight brings an advance alarms and notifications tool. You can create your own alarms based on rules or you can listen to traps or any other third party events.

You can configure notifications based on a single alarm or correlate different events. Viewtisight allows to configure several actions with the notifications: to send an e-mail, to run a script, to to send a Whatsapp message, to send a Slack message, etc.