Viewtisight covers all the layers involved in data adquisition (smart data broker), storage (high performance data base) and Business Intelligence. It will provide all the reporting via an easy to use graphical user interface.

It collects and correlates data from any third party, in any format. Viewtinet’s unique smart data broker technology allows to add any data source quickly, and with no aditional cost, so the companies will benefit of a single pane view wihout investing time in parsing data. It does not matter the vendor or the format, Viewtinet has deep experience integrating data like Netflow, Syslog, SNMP, WMI, APIs, CDRs, XMLs, CSVs etc.

It is easy to deploy and has a complete set of out of the box dashboards. The “pivot” allows to easily create reports without typing queries, and to create customized dashboards with few clicks. An advanced smart analytics tool has never been so easy to use.

Viewtisight can be installed in any virtual environment, both public and private cloud. Viewtinet also provides the optimized pre-installed Hw appliance to be installed on premises. The architecture has been designed to optimize the needed resources to reduce the TCO.

Viewtisight main features:


  1. Highly scalable Massively Parallel Processing platform.  ViewtiSight components may be distributed throughout several machines and locations in order to get the most of all the hardware and take advantage of important data characteristics as locality.  ViewtiSight accelerates distributed processing with two key elements:
    1. Schema-less columnar store.  This is a BigData schema-less distributed columnar store which is used for storing data and correlate it in near real-time.  The fact of being a schema-less and columnar store allows for new data sources and columns to be added very easily, unlike traditional relational databases.
    2. Streaming Dataflow engine.  This engine is responsible for parallelizing the different tasks and make them run using all the available hardware.  Dataflows take streaming data and transform it, correlate it and store it depending on the application to be performed.  The streaming dataflow engine is used to implement the Complex Event Processing engine inside ViewtiSight.
  2. Deployment Flexibility.  This platform is executed on top of Viewtinet appliances, virtual machines, or public cloud. Depending on the size of the deployment it may need a unique instance or a distributed installation. Storage is achieved by using the directly attached server storage distributed via HDFS.
  3. Telco & Enterprises data sources.  Thanks to its Smart Data Broker, it is possible to quickly integrate any new data sources, in any format, from any vendor, in case it is required.
  4. Multi-dimensional user insight.  Having the ability to cross-correlate information from different data sources and combine all the dimensions, makes it possible to distill actionable user insight.
  5. Self-learning algorithms.  ViewtiSight provides auto-discovery and self-learning features that allow the system to discover new network elements, forecast the behavior and detect problems without human intervention.   Provisioning is greatly reduced and almost near-zero administration is required.
  6. Google-like search and reporting.  ViewtiSight provides a very simple web interface inspired by the most popular search engines, which makes it very attractive for people to use it without having to understand underlying data models.
  7. Out-of-the-box applications.  Thanks to the openness of ViewtiSight, several out-of-the box applications are provided to cover different needs in Operators (e.g. customer experience, network intelligence, customer intelligence, log retention, network monitoring, etc).  This makes the ViewtiSight product suite unique in its approach as it covers all the process from the collection to the analytics and actuation processes.
  8. Multitenant Analytics. Viewtisight has a multitenant architecture so it is the prefered solution chosen by many MSPs to provide a customized portal to its customers with real time information and dashboards of all the services that they are providing.
  9. Low TCO.  The previous software and hardware combination makes it possible to have a lower TCO as compared to other legacy solutions.


Viewtimon acts as a probe capable to see real time traffic and generate the most accurate information related to the quality of experience, user awareness and application recognition. It can be implemented either virtual or physical with a range of Viewtinet Viewtimon certified appliances that can cover up to 100Gbps of traffic.

The layer 7 recognition is based on machine learning and can detect over 10,000 applications in real time.

Data can be exported to third party products or aggregated in Viewtinet Viewtisight:

Being connected to real traffic, Viewtinet can provide very detailed information about the quality of experience, video resolution, devices etc. Using the Viewtisight interface and its drill-down capabilities it is the perfect match for easy KPI’s indicators.


Viewtify covers the set of value added services to complete the Viewtimon and Viewtisight offering. It is composed by the following features

TCP Optimization


  • Maximizing User Quality of Experience and reducing bandwidth
  • Can run on virtual machine, on cloud and with Viewtinet Appliances
  • The TCP product has two main features, which can be active independently or simultaneously

Viewtify Traffic Acceleration: TCP Acceleration

  • Transparent TCP proxy: seamless walk-out of connections possible
  • Encrypted TCP traffic also accelerated

Transparent TCP Proxy

Viewtify TCPO makes the content appear closer to the source. It is connected inline transparently (with no IP in the network interfaces) and it does not brake the TCP protocol, or changes any IP or port. Per each transaction it will automatically send the ACKs to the origin keeping in cache all the uncofirmed packets. This mechanism will significantly improve the quality of experience.

Viewtify Traffic Compression: Web Optimization

  • GZIP compression, image resolution optimization


Viewtinet believes in the popularization of advanced data analytics solutions. Installing them, configuring them and adding new data sources has been complex and has required high-specialization. With Viewtimanager, we intend to make all these tasks smooth and intuitive so that any company can profit the advantages of BigData & BI.

Viewtimanager is synced with the different Viewtinet family products. It can install them, track the status, see the logs, restart the processes and configure many different parameters within them.

Viewtimanager can be installed stand-alone or as part of any other Viewtinet deployment

Once the Viewtimanager is installed, you can add any of the other modules (Viewtisight, Viewtimon and Viewtify) with few clicks.

Configuring new data sources has never been so easy. Viewtinet’s unique Smart Data Broker technology is capable of data ingestion in any format, from any vendor.  Viewtimanager enables a quick and easy configuration allowing to:

  • Create sources (aka database schemas).
  • Configure feeders for SNMP, Netflow, WMI and Syslog.
  • Load/save the template